Veronicastrum virginicum
Culver’s Root

Veronicastrum virginicum, Culver’s Root

A sleeper in the medicinal plant world, Culver's Root is one of the most asked about plants in our gardens. A prairie perennial, growing to 5 feet, it can be direct-seeded or transplanted. It is also easily propagated by root division in fall. A multiple flower stalk sends up a candelabra of tail-like white flowers in June, making a delicious attraction for everything that flies. There is a strong geometric symmetry to the multiple branches that have whorls of leaves every 5 to 7 inches. This is a visually powerful plant, highly energetic.

Grow specs: 2-5 feet. Average soil. Full sun. Non-invasive. Traditionally used as a laxative, to induce sweating, to stimulate the liver and as a diuretic. Breaks up stagnation in the body.

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