Verbascum thapsus, Mullein 

Verbascum thapsus, Mullein
Mullein photo

Mullein photo Vastly underrated as a landscape element, Mullein is one of our biennial favorites. An outstanding first year plant with very large gray flannel leaves, it brings forth in the second summer a tall, yellow-flowered spike that can reach 8 feet. Self-seeding and returning like an old friend, Mullein naturalizes well and has few needs. We allow it to wander about the garden as it wishes, appreciating its soft and elegant nature.
Grow specs
: 1-8 feet. Poor to average soils. Full sun.

Traditionally all parts of the plant are used: the flower in oil for earache; tea for coughs, chest symptoms and as a diuretic, and as a poultice for ulcers. The leaves are reported to be strongly anti-inflammatory.   (Photo © Steven Foster)

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