Asclepias tuberosa
Pleurisy Root, Butterfly Weed

Asclepias tuberosa, Pleurisy Root, Butterfly Weed

Pleurisy root, Butterfly weed photo With strikingly brilliant orange flowers, this hardy perennial of the milkweed family is often found in poor soils along the roadsides. The plant is more touchy than you would expect. Try and put it where you want it the first time. It doesn't like being transplanted and will not tolerate overwatering while in the seedling stage. It grows larger and more beautiful each year.
Grow specs: 1-3 feet. Sandy loam, average garden soil. Full sun.

Asclepias is often known as Pleurisy Root. It has been used for lung ailments in many cultures. As a poultice, it is used for bruises, swellings and rheumatism.

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