Ruta graveolens
Rue, Herb-of-Grace

Ruta graveolens, Rue, Herb-of-Grace

Hardy, drought and pest tolerant perennial, bushy to 3ft native of the Mediterranean. Graceful blue-green deeply dissected leaves lend rue the name, herb-of-grace. Blooms in combs of yellow, May-Sept.
Grow specs: Well-drained limey poor soil in spring under full sun. Loves rocks and dry conditions. Grows larger in hotter climes. Hardy to -20F. Good companion of roses and raspberries.

In European tradition rue is used as red dye, perfumery, moth repellent (dried leaves), medicinally as stimulant, antispasmodic, mild sedative, antidote, anti-aphrodisiac, abortifacient. Lethally toxic, do not use during pregnancy, internal use is not advised, dermal blisters result when plant alkaloids contact skin under sun exposure.

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