Echinacea paradoxa
Yellow Coneflower

Echinacea paradoxa, Yellow Coneflower

Yellow 'Purple' Coneflower photo A paradox indeed! Very much like pale purple coneflower in every way except for color. Though never found in the wild outside the Ozarks, this perennial should do well in gardens with a slightly acid soil. Stratify or fall-plant the seed, maybe in a flat outside your back door. Protect from disturbance and give it plenty of time to come up. We leave ours in the nursery until fall, then plant out in the garden. An unusual and increasingly rare variety for Echinacea enthusiasts!
Grow specs: 2-3 feet. Average garden soil. Full sun. Stratify 60 days at 41 degrees F. or plant in fall.   (Photo © Steven Foster)

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