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Feature Articles

Robert Newman • A Gathering of Old Friends
• An Interview with Robert Newman, by Cindy Riviere

Robert Newman is an expert on the cultivation and identification of Chinese medicinal plants. He served as curator of the medicinal plant gardens at Nanjing Botanical Garden, and has played a crucial role in bringing many rare and important species of medicinal herbs to the US. Robert has graciously accepted our invitation to work at the garden, and to share his valuable knowledge with us.

Steven Foster • Chinese Herbs in America
• Banking on Seeds: the Millennium Seed Bank and Other Projects
• Medicinal Plants In the Ozarks and Appalachians
• Medicinal Wildflowers and Their Conservation

One of the most respected names in herbal medicine, with over 23 years of experience, Steven Foster is an author, photographer, and consultant specializing in medicinal and aromatic plants. Most of the photos in our catalog and on this site are by Steven. He is the author of 10 books, serves on the editorial boards of several magazines, and is President of Steven Foster Group, Inc.

Lavinia McKinney • An Apprenticeship Perspective at Elixir Farm
• Forest Floor: Simulating a Forest in a Well-worn Pasture

Lavinia McKinney has been farming the Ozark riverbottoms for twenty five years. She founded and operates Elixir Farm, a source of certified organic and biodynamically grown seed from a select number of indigenous and Chinese medicinal plants.

David Haenke • One Garden, Forest Garden

David Haenke cofounded the Ozark Area Community Congress (OACC), the first bioregional congress, in 1977; conceptualized and organized the North American Bioregional Congress in 1984; was one of the five original convenors of the US Greens-Green Party, and founded the North American Conference on Christianity and Ecology. Currently he is the coordinator of the Bioregional Project of the Ozarks Resource Center and forest manager for Alford Forest.

Peter Callaway • Ozark Botanical Garden, Inc: Home of One Garden
• One Garden and the Bryant Creek Atlas

Peter Callaway founded the Bryant Watershed Project in 1996. He was also the founder of Project Place in Boston and the Merriam Hill Center in New Hampshire.